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Our menu is based on the Tuscan and Lucchese tradition. The raw materials are seasonal and they are selected in our family
orchard with love and care.

All our dishes are prepared with love and wisdom.

The characteristic that identifies the dishes of Restaurant Prato Verde is the quality of the raw materials used, often produced by the Angeli family itsel, and the care of the preparation of dishes like our fresh pasta, which is still kneaded like the old days.

In the Menu of Restaurant Prato Verde you may find the specialities that have characterised the food of this restaurant for over 50 years, as the bruschette, the fresh pasta or the lamb cooked in the brick oven.

  • Mixed bruschette Prato Verde .

  • Carpaccio with bresaola, rocket and Parmesan cheese

  • Tuscan cold cuts and fried dough

  • Chicken salad with balsamic vinegar and pine nuts

  • Sea soup

  • Phyllo pastry filled with fish

  • Spelt soup

  • Frantoiana soup

  • Meat sauce tortelli (filled fresh pasta)

  • Ravioli with aubergines

  • Prato Verde crepes

  • Fish Lasagne

  • Wild boar pappardelle (fresh pasta)

  • Meat sauce tacconi (fresh pasta)

  • Lobster tagliatelle (fresh pasta)

  • Zucchini and shrimps paccheri

  • Bistecca alla fiorentina (beefsteak)

  • Sliced beefsteak with rocket and parmesan or with porcini mushrooms

  • Rosemary lamb with roasted potatoes

  • Ham cooked in the brick oven

  • Mixed grilled meat with vegetable flan

  • Guinea fowl with lardo and artichokes from our orchard

  • Fried fish with fried vegetables from our orchard

  • Grilled fish with grilled vegetables

  • Green pepper filet with fried potatoes

  • Typicals cakes of Lucca

  • Cantucci and Vinsanto ( cookies and sweet wine)

  • Apple pie with ice cream

  • Fruit bavarois

  • Chilled dessert with dark chocolate and macaroons

  • Millefoglie

  • Tiramisù