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Our family farm was created in 2000 and it is run by our family. Since the very beginning we have made choices that respect and safeguard nature.

We produce our extra virgin olive oil, from Frantoio Moraiolo – Leccino. We harvest the olives manually in order to be able to choose each olive and to produce a very good oil. Moreover a correct pressing, without leaves, avoids a sour taste. The extra virgin olive oil has a fragrant, elegant taste, it is perfect on the traditional Tuscan food. It has a dark green colour with golden shades. It is fruity, scented and slightly acid.

We grow cereals, vegetables and legumes following an ancient tradition joined with safety and authenticity.

Our rules to guarantee a supreme quality are:

  • The farm is divided into many little plots in order to have a perfect managing of the traceability of our products;

  • We make crop rotations to avoid depletion and to guarantee excellent nutritional values;

  • Fertilisation is made using bovine manure coming from the farm itself or organic fertiliser permitted within the organic agriculture;

  • In order to be protected from weeds we use mechanical instruments or, if necessary, we do it manually. It takes time but it is the only way to produce real, ORGANIC products.

Part of the production is used in our restaurant to make preserves in vegetable oil, tomato sauce, sauces and jams.